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Elena Kruchkova and Boris Kuznetsov


A wife and a husband team,  studied Art in Mukhina Art Academy (St Petersburg, Russia) and in the School of Visual Arts (NYC). They teach art in their studio (Rockland County, NY), work as art teachers in Carmel Academy (Greenwich, CT), All Bright Center (Fair Lawn, NJ), Do-Re-Mi School of Music and Arts, (Livingston, NJ), Kids Unlimited, (Wayne, NJ) etc. They also do group tours in different museums (Met4Kids program), run summer art camps, create different art activities and installations at festivals and cultural events.
Besides teaching art, Elena and Boris both are freelance artists, specializing in paintings, murals, illustration & batik and restoration of paintings and other works of art and antiques.

Summer 2013

Art Lesson @ Summer Camp










  • Every person is potentially talented.
  • Our goal is to find that talent in a child and nourish it. We help children to unfold, find trust in their artistic abilities, make a friendship with pencil and a brush, to become familiar with different medias and techniques…In other words to become confident in art.
  • We also think art helps children to grow, makes them well balanced and happy. Not only it brings a pleasure to create, but also it helps to build one’s future life in any carrier.
  • We are very happy with our teacher’s experience. It’s amazing to see, how often, we get children, who have to start from scratch and in a few classes they are focused and joyful young artists, who know what they do! Their abilities get really stronger with every class and stronger gets the coordination (fine motor skills), perseverance, concentration. The fact that they can create a piece of art and share it with others makes them really happy!

Misha Kuznetsov

gives private music lessons in trumpet, guitar and drums in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Currently enrolling all ages!

  • +1 845-826-2799
  • Email

    I’m a Brooklyn-based musician and music teacher. I offer college-level private lessons in trumpet, guitar, and drums, for kids and adults in a private or group setting. I teach music to students of all ages and all levels with the primary goal of making learning music fun and accessible to everyone. I work hard to engage and interest students in their studies, to motivate them and lead them towards tangible achievements.

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