Our Program

New 2019 schedule and program:


What we do in our classes.
Our usual semester has different classes with painting, drawing and sculpting as a base core. It’s mostly figure drawing, still life and landscapes, balancing the colors and shapes. Following, we always have some applied art, like prints, silk painting, work with ink, charcoal, pastel. We study styles, artists and the art history. We do modeling, study design, work with color and composition.


We avoid copying or step by step painting, we want the children to work more independently and feel art from the inside. The exception is only a once a semester class of the old master copying. Mostly, we give out a specific assignment and see how children can unfold and create, being helpful with making suggestions on improvements while children are creating.
We work in friendly, comfortable atmosphere, building trust and joy..

We are always positioning ourselves as friends, who are more art experienced, but not as an art authority.
to contact us or sign up for a class please

call us

@ 914-772-6919 / 845-323-1960

 or email  


check out our classes Schedule

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