Program Fall 2016

Program for Fall 2016

Creative Art Classes with Elena and Boris Kuznetsov
Program for Fall 2016 (may vary – depends on the group)
Working with the right side of the brain, developing creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, non-verbal visualization, helping children express feelings through art.
Drawing : Academic sketching, life drawing, charcoal/chalk, oil pastels.
Learning about proportions, perspective, drawing and shading techniques, exploring old masters’ work (Leonardo/ Rembrandt, Renaissance Masters.)
Watercolor Techniques: Painting using wet watercolor, liquid dyes, ink.
Comparing warm and cold color combinations, connecting character, emotions, and impressions to the deepness of the tones, contrasts, and brightness. Studying wide brush and freehand techniques. Studying Modern, nonobjective /Abstract Art.
Painting With Acrylics and Oil: 
Painting still life and abstracts using different media – water-based oil and acrylic on canvas and wood; developing a sense of texture; Feeling the thickness and flow of the paint. Studying Surrealism and Abstract Art
Collage, Architectural and Interior modeling: 3D experience on a flat surface.
Development of multidimensional thinking.
Imitating the transparent enameling techniques of Tiffany’s and Faberge.
Development of fine motor skills.
Clay Sculpting in Natural Self-hardening Clay: Harmony and proportions.
Transformation of classical forms to abstract shapes. Mindful thinking . Henry Moore.
Developing the child’s large and small muscles, fostering hand-eye coordination.

3D Design/ installations, sculpting and crafting using recyclables.

Diving into the craft. Working with glue guns  transforming space, dimensions and recyclables of different nature,

Relief Printing, an Introductory Printmaking Technique.
Mirroring objects. Developing a printing tool.

Calendar for Fall 2016


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