ReCycled ArT

Recycled Art Workshop

Art Studio 5005 is offering a very special workshop for school-aged children (or adults ), working with recycled materials to create artistic sculptures and installations. As a result of our workshop, the students will learn how to transform recycled and unconventional materials into vivid and aesthetically pleasing artistic structures. The school will gain a series of unique sculptures, available for installation around the campus. These installations will delight the school campus and community and open their minds to the nature of the objects that surround them. Depending on the school’s possibilities, we can provide an outdoor workshop to make a human-sized installation, or create tabletop sculptures (using either art room tables or work tables).

We engage with our students by giving them the opportunity to create and collaborate in a creative process. We use all sort of recyclables – cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and foil, plastic dinnerware, scrap wood, clothing, blinds, straws, CD’s – there are no limits to what can be transformed into art! During our workshops, we speak about composition, colors, balance, shapes, and 3D space. We also discuss the possibilities of using unconventional materials to create something familiar (like an animal), or something completely wild. One of the most fun parts of our workshop is figuring out, as a team, how to connect pieces of sculptures together while preserving the integrity of materials. Our workshops can be 1-3 hours long and engage up to 25 students.

Our art is simple and joyful, and speaks for itself. We hope that it will help to make our students more mindful and challenge them to take a different approach to creativity, ponder their surroundings, and, maybe even spark a change in our community!

For details and additional information, please contact Boris or Elena at (914) 772-6919, or through email Attached are some of our past projects created during festivals, summer camps and art classes. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Warm regards,

Boris Kuznetsov and Elena Kruchkova

Art Studio 5005

About us: A wife and husband team, we are both graduates of the Mukhina Art Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia) and the School of Visual Arts (NYC). Our artistic background is in art restoration, painting, illustration and batik. We teach group classes in the New York and New Jersey area, and host a number of creative workshops at festivals, summer camps, and schools. We teach our children with the belief that every person is potentially talented. Our goal is to find and nourish that talent in every one of our students. Our classes bring us and our children unparalleled joy. We are constantly amazed by our young artists, their artistic growth, and the pleasure they get from creating art